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Sales: The Heart and Soul of Every Business

What is the one thing that every business needs to survive and thrive? The answer is simple: sales. Sales are the lifeblood of any business, whether it’s a small startup or a multinational. Sales are what generate revenue, profit, and growth.

Brytend Sales
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Easy Proposal

How ofter do you repeat yourself when making a quote? DOnt you wish there was a faster way to do it?

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The order is a complex and multifaceted concept that can be challenging to get right.

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Say farewell to manual invoice repetition. Our smart software automates the process, saving time, minimizing errors.

Lost in Transit? Don’t Let Unreceived Attachments Haunt You.

Fun Fact

On average, industry estimates suggest that around 45-50% of all email traffic can be classified as spam. However, modern email providers and spam filters have become increasingly sophisticated, leading to more accurate filtering and reducing the percentage of legitimate emails getting caught in spam folders.

Are you setup the right way?


Change the way you create quotes

Save full quote as template

Duplicate your already made quotes with ease.

Create quote blocks

Save your carefully tailored made product to a default set.

Add separator pages

Explain difficult parts in your quota by simply adding a page.

Stunning layout with images

Boring of ugly quotes? Our layout editor can bring your imagination to life.

Upsell & Cross sell

Add featured but optional items to the table.

Keep track of duration

Make sure you follow-up in time to make the deal.

The hart of every Sales Line


Proposal or workorder

From Proposal to Order: Where Approvals Spark Automatic Action.

Proposal or workorder
Sync your webshop

Sync your webshop Orders

Don’t you love it when all systems are synced together?

Create a worksheet

Streamline Success: Automate Recurring Orders During Maintenance and Secure E-Signatures with Customers.

Create a worksheet
forecast your order

Forecast your orders

Crystal Ball for Your Business: Anticipate Next Year’s Orders Using Your Templates.

INVOICE – the smart way

The most important thing for every business!

Unlock the Power of Elegance: Effortlessly craft stunningly precise invoices. Deliver PDFs adorned with UBL, ensuring your clients always get your invoice.

Seamless Scheduling: Unlock the Power of Recurring Invoices

Efficiency at its Best: No more double invoicing. Craft templates, schedule future recurrences, and automate customer email notifications.

Unlock Tomorrow’s Secrets

Uncover Your Repeating Success: Curious about the revenue from your recurring invoices? We’ve got the numbers you need.”

Embrace the Subscription Revolution

Introducing Intelligent Subscriptions: Seamlessly manage subscribers with flexible or fixed anniversary dates, ensuring precision and adaptability.

API connect to mail providers.

Master Your Message: Stay in the know. Monitor email delivery, confirm receipt, and even track reads from your contacts.

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